About Stephen

I am Stephen Ellis (known online as Veovis, Veo, and Mr.Veo) and I do character animation, as well as illustration, voices, and a bit of character modeling and rigging. I have graduated from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh with a degree in digital art and animation, and have also more recently graduated from the esteemed AnimationMentor.com with a diploma in advanced character animation studies. I am available for freelance work, but primarily seeking full-time employment as an animator.

I am open and interested in animation in any field, though I do have a particular interest in the gaming industry. In addition to being an avid gamer myself, I also do game design and asset creation as a hobby. I live right in the middle of the “Research Triangle Park” in North Carolina, home to many technology industries, and among them a number of impressive gaming companies where I would very happily like to see myself employed.

I do have a life outside of my artistic and technological pursuits; and if I’m not dreaming up my own stories or ideas, or partaking in those of another, then I am often walking in a park, or hiking in a forest, appreciating nature.

Anyone is welcome to contact me, particularly for employment, by my e-mail: mr.StephenEllis [at] gmail.com
Or by making a post on my forums at: http://www.veo-works.com/forum/

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